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DoorStop X Security Suite


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DoorStop X Security Suite is an integrated, comprehensive approach to securing your Mac on the Internet. Learn. Protect. Understand. Learn. The new electronic edition of "Internet Security for Your Mac" is accessible from all products in the Suite. Whether you read it section-by-section or look up information on specific services or access attempts as you encounter them, the book helps you to achieve an invaluable knowledge of Internet security concepts and issues. And the book's associated blog, ISFYM.COM, keeps you totally up to date with new issues as they develop. Protect. Open Door's flagship DoorStop X Firewall builds on our decade's worth of experience with Mac security products to provide you with an easy-to-use, reliable application that protects your Mac from outside attack. At the same time, through its integration with other Suite products, the DoorStop X Firewall also helps you to learn about and understand both the details and the broader context involved. Understand. The Who's There? Firewall Advisor goes beyond protecting your Mac to helping you understand and react to security "events" as they occur. By working with both the book and the firewall, Who's There? ties together the Suite products into an integrated whole, worth even more than the sum of its parts.

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Open Door Networks, Inc.

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