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JBuddy Messenger


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JBuddy Messenger v.3.3.120412

JBuddy Messenger is a Java-based chat client. If you need to communicate with contacts on several public IM channels simultaneously and don't want to clutter your desktop with multiple IM clients then JBuddy Messenger is worth a try. Currently it supports AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo and JBuddy protocol (connecting to Zion's JBuddy Message Server) IM services on Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris and other J2SE 1.3+ platforms. It is a fully funcational application demo for non-commercial use and ready to be customized with other IM protocols and/or branded for your commercial needs.

Updated on 10.13 ver._3.3.130412_JBuddy_Messenger_cYN.pkg {14616 kb}
Featured for El Captan KBYGVi-JBuddy-Messenger-v-3.3.140412.app {14117 kb}
on 10.14 Pk3_v.3.3.150412_JBuddy_Messenger.app {10494 kb}
New on MacBook Air vers.3.4.120412.JBuddy.Messenger.5CA.zip {11118 kb}

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